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About The Blue Angels MC Fife

The Blue Angels Motorcycle Club Scotland, Fife Chapter.


Established in 1963 in Maryhill Glasgow the Blue Angels MC motorcycle club are the oldest 1% outlaw motorcycle gang in Europe. Find out how it all started, See Our History Page



The Blue Angels are the one and only Three Piece Back Patch 1% Motorcycle Club in Scotland and we aim to keep it that way.


Should you be thinking of, or be already wearing a back patch, or any other insignia that you think is cool, but could be misconstrued as being a 1% outlaw motorcycle club by ourselves, therefore deemed a threat to our club, you would be best advised to leave them at home. The 1% world is a very serious world indeed. Every single one of our members have went through a long, arduous and in most cases painful process of earning the right to wear their patches. Time spent as a prospect for the Blue Angels is a very minimum of one year, even then it’s not certain that you will be accepted as a full member of the Blue Angels, many don't make it passed a few months.  So, don’t be surprised by us being a little pissed off if we come across you wearing looki likie patches.







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